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By V. Gunasekaran|Email the author|Jun 30,2013   (4442 views)
My wife has filed a petition under Hindu Marraige Act 13 1 IA, IB & Act 10 as she is asking for judicial seperation. How can I defend it. I want to live together, Please help
--- Ranjith, Coimbatore

Unless your wife agree, you can not live with your wife. You may file a case for restitution of conjugal rights. Court may permit your petition. If still your wife do not turn up, then itís difficult ?
You did not state the reason under which your wife ask for divorce/ judicial separation. In my opinion, your wife will get an order for judicial separation and one year later on she may apply again for divorce.

So, it is better to solve your personal problems between your wife by conciliation in the presence of your close relatives, neighbour and friends. Without knowing the real reason, nobody could help you. If there is no mistake at your side, you may tell the entire story to an advocate for proper legal remedy.

Under Hindu Marriage Act, a wife can file judicial separation on the several ground with the husband and she has to prove the same ground in the Court of Law. Now it is question on what ground ur wife seeking separation from u..? She have to prove it and U have to defend it in the Court of law.
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